TOUCH COMPLEMENTS is a modern company that is developing a franchise concept of jewellery based on product quality, operational simplicity and high profitability for the franchisee.

The jewellery market is a booming market in constant expansion. Being aware of this, TOUCH COMPLEMENTS has created, with the aim of satisfying the demands of a growing public interested in purchasing and enjoying quality jewellery, accessories with an affordable price to any type of economy competitive prices, having achieved in a short period of time excellent market position.

Consumer studies show that the jewellery sector is an area where continued growth. Women and men of all ages conceive imitation jewellery and fashion accessories that are part of your daily image. With our policy of quality-design-price, in TOUCH COMPLEMENTS we have managed to reach a broad spectrum of consumers willing to invest in quality jewelry at reasonable prices.

In a short time TOUCH COMPLEMENTS has managed to consolidate, nowadays, a total of twenty five-owned stores and five franchise stores throughout Spain.