Keys of the success of the franchise

  • High profitability

Thanks to the magnificent margin TOUCH COMPLEMENTS offers its franchisees, our business concept shows a high profitability.

  • Low investment

Our facilities have a modern and elegant look, which does not require large investments or expensive furniture and decorative elements.

  • Immediate return

Given the above two strengths: high profitability and low investment, TOUCH COMPLEMENTS has a short return period of investment.

  • Easy management

Thanks to the experience that we have accumulated throughout these years and the initial training we provide to all our franchisees, managing an establishment of TOUCH COMPLEMENTS turns out to be very easy, and its operational is very simple.

  • Constant innovation

TOUCH COMPLEMENTS presents various collections of different styles, with the main objective to offer our clients new products continuously, and surprise them with our constant innovation, an effort rewarded with its loyalty.

Franchise benefits

  • Join a business in constant innovation in marketing techniques, products and related services.
  • Benefit from the experience that has the Central Franchisor, its brand awareness and great track record of success.
  • Having your own business, supported by a significant number of operational points of sale, showing high profitability and rapid return on investment.
  • Owning a business, easily managed and in an area of exclusivity
  • Adhere to a commercial network which has obtained a great recognition of the public
  • Favored of the profitability of marketing activities carried out by the Central and exploitation of economies of scale (agreements with suppliers).
  • Initial training “in situ” and ongoing support from the franchisor Central (transmission of know-how).
  • Continued assistance in business management. Sales support, marketing and highly professional advertising.

TOUCH COMPLEMENTS has a comprehensive system of corporate communication homogenized, an strength which helps the Franchise to develop rapidly in accordance with the standards set by the Central.
As a franchisee you will have financial and legal independence of the Central Franchisor.


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